What’s Included With Your Purchase?


Each day customers visit our dealership and are surprised by what is included in the price and with the purchase of all our vehicles. We believe our customers should have a worry-free experience after purchasing their vehicle for years to come. This is why we offer the following:

  • A comprehensive inspection followed by repair of major safety, mechanical, or cosmetic items. We can provide a list of repairs performed on vehicles prior to sale for your piece of mind. Month over month our average per vehicle repair cost prior to sale is $1100-$1800. This is proof our goal is your satisfaction!
  • A 24 month / 24,000 mile limited warranty. Its important to realize this isn’t a service contract sold as a product over and above the price of the car. It is included in the price! Further, you deal with us for warranty claims, You don’t have to call a 1-800 number and fight to get an approval for a repair sometimes taking days at a time to even get an inspector to approve or unfortunately deny you coverage. If you were to request the price of a 24K/24month limited warranty from a company that sells warranties on similar vehicles, prices for this coverage could exceed $2000!!
  • No charge, no obligation one hour diagnostic and estimate of repair on any situation through the term of your loan. Don’t get taken by a retail repair shop… get a second opinion first. We offer wholesale cost on parts and a reduced labor rate if you choose to have the repair done with us. We currently have 5 dedicated techs on staff to serve your needs.
  • We have a 48 hour return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • In town towing (20 mile radius) or discounted towing if you are outside this radius. If your car is running hot or is not running at all… call us, we will tow your vehicle to our repair center!
  • P Debt Cancellation coverage may be available on certain vehicles which can be a big savings when protecting your collateral.
  • Dedicated account manager to handle questions or concerns on your account through the term of your loan. You don’t need to go through a massive bank touch tone system or wait on hold forever.. you have a dedicated account manager to always help you with questions or concerns on your auto loan account.
  • Opportunity to build or rebuild your credit! Our related finance company currently reports to Transunion and Experian all payment history… see further under “about us” tab.

Further potential benefits include:

  • Refer us a friend program…. we will credit $100 to your car payment for every friend who buys from Smart Motors!
  • Golden Ticket! Refer 10 friends that purchase a vehicle from Smart Motors… We will pay off your loan balance!!…. yes it’s true!
  • Potential Reduced rate incentives or vehicle discounts for good paying repeat purchasers!
  • Commitment by all staff to provide you the most fair, ethical and pleasant car ownership experience possible.

The dollar value of all these items could reach over $5000.00 at other dealers! This is very important to realize when comparing us to a craigslist posting or another dealer. Our prices are clearly marked on all of our cars onsite. However, we don’t list pricing online because we feel no two vehicles are exactly alike. Even the same models and similar mileage vehicles can be in very different condition. You need to see, drive and check vehicles in person. Remember, you are buying much more than a vehicle when you buy from Smart Motors… our goal is your piece of mind and a worry free customer experience.

*Call a Smart Motors representative for details on any of the above items! (520) 314-4555