No credit check online Pre-approval, its fast and easy!

Looking to drive off in a reliable new-to-you vehicle today? At Smart Motors in Tucson, we’re here to help you finance a used car that’s built to last. Whether you’re looking to take to the streets in a family-friendly SUV, a compact sedan, or something in between, we’re here to help.


Just answer a few simple questions about yourself, your residence and income on our SECURE application’s that easy and fast, no social security needed at this time. If you are pre-approved, we will contact you and follow up with information on additional items needed. If you like, you can send us what we need from your phone or computer. We WILL need to verify your credit information at the dealership BUT you don’t need to spend hours at the dealership waiting to learn if you are financed!

If you have any financing questions, feel free to contact Smart Motors in Tucson at (520) 314-4555. We are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have.