How to make your test drive the best drive!

April 20th, 2017 by

Shopping for a new car? One of the most exciting parts of the process is the test drive!! At Smart Motors, we help you along during the test drive, showing and pointing out key things to look for and to be aware of before you purchase! Follow our tips and guidelines to make sure that your test drive is your best drive!

First step, look under that hood!
We not only encourage all our customers to open up the hood and look around, we will open in for you and tell you what you should look for. (We also give free Carfax so you’re able to be well informed on maintenance history) Your salesman will show you where important things are that you will need to access. Where you need to place the cables to jump the car and where you can check your oil and other fluid levels.

Is it comfortable?
When you sit in the car for the first time and start adjusting your seat and your mirrors, sit there for a minute and feel if it’s comfortable. Do your legs fit well under the wheel? Is the wheel adjustable? Do you have plenty of head room? Are the controls configured in a way you are going to be able to use them with ease? Picture it as your car that you drive daily, will you be comfortable and happy in the drivers seat?

How many passengers do you have?
Do you have kids? Big family? Get out of the drivers seat, and sit in the passenger seat, and the back seat(s). Would you be comfortable sitting there? Do you have a car seat? Make sure it would fit in the back. You don’t want to get something that won’t fit your family!

Now, the driving part!!
You start driving with the salesman’s guidance on the test drive route. Roll the windows down, and listen to the car. What do you hear? Loosen your hands slightly on the wheel, does it pull to one side? How do the brakes feel? How well does it accelerate? If you have any concerns, make sure you address them with your sales representative.

Test drive is over, now what?
How do you feel? Do you feel like you just drove your new car? It is an important decision to make. Before you head inside and talk over the financing, open all compartments, open the trunk, sit in all areas again. After you spend a couple minutes doing on last check, head inside and get ready to take delivery of your new car!!!

Come see us at Smart Motors for the best test drive experience. We look forward to showing you why we are different than any other dealership in town.
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