Why More People are Buying Used Vs. New

February 24th, 2017 by

More people are purchasing used cars vs. new cars because people have found that purchasing used can come with a lot of benefits, as long as they purchase from a reputable dealership (avoid Craigslist scams). At Smart Motors, we don’t only want to better our customers lives with a reliable vehicle and great customer service experience, but we also want to educate them to help protect their finances and help them avoid a bad situation.

Save Money When Vehicle is Not in Brand New Condition
Some consumers may pass over a car that has some dings or scratches, but is otherwise in great condition. As long as you are able to look past the few cosmetic blunders, purchasing a used car like this can save you a lot of money. If you are willing to buy a car for the quality of its engine, the financial savings will more than make up for the car’s less than perfect exterior.

High Mileage May Not Be What It Seems
For most consumers, buying a used car with higher miles, (over 100,000) is a deal breaker. Vehicles with higher miles doesn’t mean the same it did a few years ago. Within the last 15 years, most engines are designed to last anywhere from 210,000-300,000 miles when properly taken care of. Do not pass on a car that has higher miles on it. You will be saving money, and as long as you are purchasing it from somewhere that inspects and reconditions their vehicles prior to sale, that vehicle will most likely last years to come.

Key things to look for when purchasing used vehicles

  • Make sure where you are purchasing from services and reconditions their vehicles prior to sale vs. just cleaning them and putting them out for sale.
  • Request a CarFax report. If they are unwilling, or hesitant, do not continue.
  • Inquire if there is a warranty included, or available to purchase.

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