Why Us


Why us?

Smart Motors purpose is to help individuals obtain affordable and dependable transportation. We realize there is a growing segment of the population that require LOW down payment financing and car payments they can afford. This is the reason we don’t like to sell $20,000+ vehicles with huge monthly payments…because that can be BAD for anyone on a budget trying to create a healthy financial future. Highlights are as follows:

  • ALL of our vehicles INCLUDE a TWO YEAR/24,000 mile limited warranty! This is NOT a service contract added over and above the price of the vehicle! We have dedicated skilled technicians on site to help with all types of mechanical issues.
  • Our retail installment contracts are SHORTER term than many of our competitors so you don’t grow old before you pay off your vehicle. This can reduce the total expense of the vehicle! Most of our financing terms are only 3-4 years, not 5-8 years like at many of our competitors. You can payoff quick!
  • Our related finance company currently reports all account information to Transunion and Experian credit bureaus!

We CAN help you on the road to a better future!

Also, visit the “It’s Included” page for further details on our incredible list of purchasing benefits!